2020 PPG AGM Summary

Summary of Annual General Meeting

Closed 7 p.m. September 9th, 2020.

PPG is happy to announce the AGM Minutes 2019 and Financial Statements received unanimous approval. A total of 76 responses were 100% in favour by close of voting..

Thank-you to everyone for casting your vote and reviewing our on-line version of the PPG 2020 AGM. The Board appreciates the support of the Membership to adopt the necessary new format for the AGM due to the current Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

The Board wishes to Thank Courtney Warner for his leadership and huge contribution to the success of PPG and also many thanks to past Presidents Roy Yardley & Michelle Jarvie, and more currently Dave Gillmoure, Pat Street-Moore, and Judy Adam for their contributions & dedication to the formation of PPG. Collectively these last four members enthusiastically accumulated approximately 15 years of volunteering for PPG. (5,1,5,4) and will continue to proudly enjoy the sport and the fruits of their labour. We wish them the very best in their future. Many thanks to Pat Lewis, Dean Haughie, and Bruce Hayward for continuing another term and for all they have accomplished in the last year. For those of us leaving, Thank-You to our fellow Board members for the support, camaraderie & joining of forces together, which worked so well from the start. It has been a pleasure to share so many laughs together, while accomplishing our tasks at hand.

Thanks to all convenors and helpers as always for set-up, tape removal, key holders, etc., you are the glue that holds us together.

Confirmation, Congratulations, and welcome to the New Board members. We wish them every success;

Marc Surette President

Eris Laws Vice President

Ken Thorn Secretary

Bruce McKay Treasurer

Membership Renewal/New applications; www.haltonpickleball.net

Membership Renewal -September 10th to September 30th. Memberships expire Sept 30th/2020. Renewals as well as new applications can be completed on-line with $10.00 payments easily paid by e-transfer. Manual application forms can also be accepted along with payment for input to the system later. (Any Convenor or Board member can accept payments)

-Forms & instructions can be found on the PPG website for both new applicants and renewing Members.

Fall/Winter Outdoor /Indoor Play Updates;

Outdoor Play; Prospect Park:

Continues to be very successful with 1 new court added this year for a total of 5 available courts. Morning & evening players have averaged between 4 and 25 or more players beginning with Phase 1 & 2 Covid restrictions and finally Phase 3. Open play anytime, free, Town responsibility.

GRC- A Members only policy was adopted (No drop-ins) and some PPG members play frequently at GRC.

Indoor Play; Acton Arena; August 17th; first day of available play. With nice weather and free play available at Prospect Park, this venue was not being used to accommodate the original 12 time slots. As of August 31st, the schedule was revised. We expect a good turnout and return to active play once the weather changes. The end date of play is unknown at this point but expected to run until at least Thanksgiving in Acton and PPG is hopeful it will later switch to Mold-Masters, Georgetown.

You need to pre-register and pay by going to www.haltonhills.ca/en/explore-and-play/skating-and-arena-programs.aspx or call the facility at 519-853-0020 to register for each session. Active screening protocols in place. Cost is $5.00 per person per session New Schedule August 31/20; (More detail on Newsletter of August 28th)

Monday, Wednesday, Fridays: 9:30-11:30 Tuesdays, Thursdays 7-9p.m.

Alliance/Bethel/Evening Schools:/Halton Hills Christian School:

-Awaiting confirmation of start of play at this time for the Church Halls & Halton Hills Christian School, with the possibility of a delay until January 2021 for evening schools.

Facility Committee Update; (From Marc Surette)

After the 2019 AGM the PPG Facility Committee was created to find new indoor space for PPG members to play during the winter months. 

The Committee members are Francois Faust, Louise Gariepy, Eris Laws, Stacey Hurley, and Marc Surette.

The Committee worked tirelessly to find locations to play from Warehouses to Farmhouses and everywhere in between.

Their effort resulted in several opportunities that were not available or identified previously. 

Although there were a lot of no's, the Committee finally found the Halton Hills Christian School for extra play on Saturdays which PPG ran until Covid stopped everything. 

Even though Covid put a stop to life for a while the Facility Committee and PPG executives worked behind the scenes with the Town of Halton Hills on several different options for Pickle ball in the Future. The first is the Gellert triple gym expansion will begin building in December 2020. 

Second, was the option of an 18 court outdoor facility at Trafalger Sports Park, which will be proposed to Town Council in October or November 2020. With approval and funding could be ready for spring 2022. 

There are some extra opportunities still available on top of TSP and the Gellert Expansion. Hopefully in the coming weeks we will be able to share with the PPG Membership.

Footnote to Presidents Report; (From Courtney)

Mike Adam has been the PPG Equipment Manager since day one and looked after the purchasing and tracking of Nets, balls, tape lining machine Etc. Not only purchasing but also making sure each PPG venue has enough supplies to function efficiently. Mike has been the co-ordinator of tape application and removal of court lines at the Alliance Church, always first to arrive and last to leave.

Thanks also to our friends at Milton Pickleball who provided an example & guidance to an on-line format.

Many thanks to our Web-Master-Tom Hill, whom along with the guidance of Courtney & Dave creatively and successfully put together this new AGM format through our Website platform. Without his many volunteer hours of help & guidance PPG could not have achieved this level of professionalism. The Board is so proud and pleased with the Creation of this Website through Tom’s persuasion. We sincerely and whole heartedly can’t Thank Tom enough.

Secretary/ Judy Adam/ on behalf of; Pickleball Players Group, Halton Hills.

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