Evening Pickleball Play at Acton Arena

The following is the reply from Aaron Mathews the Facility Supervisor at the Town of Halton for clarification of junior play at the 7:00pm to 9:00pm evening sessions at Acton Arena.

Regarding the youth. The sessions we have added on Tuesday and Thursday evening are, at this time, for adults. It was an adult group (your group) that worked with us to get these times in place for adults and adults have shown (20-30 people a night) that they are interested in attending. I suspect that with these numbers the court space is close to being maxed out and if another group (youth) are allowed to attend any one player may not get very much playing time.  That said, it is promising if interest in the sport is growing. I am investigating what floor availability we have and can we add a “Family” session. This would be open to parents/adults and youth. If you can pass this along to those interested I will provide details if and when I get them worked out.

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